Simulations and CFD tools for medical technology applications

Strict safety standards apply in the healthcare sector and virtual simulations are becoming essential to ensure compliance with design requirements.


Simulations of different product designs can be carried out to improve the reliability of design and production processes. A major advantage of testing in a virtual environment is that optimal solutions can be found at an early stage of research, resulting in lower costs and greater safety.

CFD analyses by DHCAE Tools have been successfully used in the following application areas of medical devices:

Applications in medical technology are often associated with fluid-structure interactions. DHCAE Tools has extensive know-how in efficient modeling and implementation for such problems.

In medical devices or when modeling processes in the human body, interactions often occur between fluids such as blood and solids such as vessels. In this case, so-called fluid-structure interactions must be taken into account. DHCAE Tools offers its customers first-class support based on many years of experience in the coupling of open source solvers for such applications and creates a digital twin on this basis.

In addition, DHCAE Tools has extensive experience in customized model development in this field, e.g. in the integration of blood damage models into CFD tools.

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