Simulation and CFD tools for plant engineering and process engineering

Simulations in plant engineering specifically help to find solutions for energy efficiency, process improvement, cost reduction, plant optimization and safety.

In particular, optimizing the design before production and construction is ideal for saving time and costs. Automated CFD helps to design particularly complex processes with variant studies and standardize development.

DHCAE Tools has successfully used CFD analyses in the following application areas of process engineering:

In process engineering, the engineer often has to deal with complex mixing processes of different phases, e.g. bubbles in liquids, free surfaces between liquids and gases or complex particle flows. DHCAE Tools has extensive experience with multiphase flows and this is where the use of automated tools is particularly efficient.

Example: Quench for cooling hot gases by droplet evaporation

Example: Filter system for process engineering

Determination of the mass loading of the individual filters

Example: Flow optimization  through variants of baffle arrangements

Example: Droplet