CFD tools for the plastics industry

DHCAE Tools has special expertise in the modeling of plastic applications. Our special polymer solver offers additional, user-friendly features for stable and reliable simulation runs, as required for automated calculations.

The simulation of polymer melts can significantly shorten production processes:

Overall, the costs for the manufacture of extrusion tools and the production costs during operation are significantly reduced.

In many process steps in plastics processing, the process temperature is of crucial importance. This has an impact on numerical modeling. The following modeling functionality is required here:

Results can be obtained quickly with stable and accurate numerical methods. DHCAE Tools' Polymersolver offers additional user-friendly features for stable and reliable simulation runs: automatic initializations and a stabilizer for the solver settings.

Example: Extrusion nozzle for plastic with the aim of equalizing the flow at the outlet

Example: Digital twin for cloud application with fluid structure application (gap widening at the outlet of an extrusion tool)