Digital Tool: Filter system


A large number of individual filters (often more than 1000 bag filters in one unit) are used in filter systems for dust separation, e.g. from power plant flue gases. If individual filters are permanently overloaded with particles, they are damaged, which leads to high costs due to system downtime when replacing them.


The loading process is to be modelled in a simulation tool, taking into account the interaction between particle transport with dust deposition on the filter and the resulting shift in the continuous flow due to the local increase in resistance.


The large number of individual filters in combination with the iterative loading process (flow calculation, particle transport, updating of the resistance values due to deposited particles, new flow calculation, etc.) requires a particularly effective grid.

Solution approach:


Implementation of simulation projects and use by customers to design filter systems for stable and reliable long-term operation.

Visualisation of the flow through the system and the filter loading

Evaluation of the mass input on the individual filters

Structure of the background grid